• SB-4TC Shorting Block
  • Rated: 600 volt
  • Current rating: 50 Amp
  • 4 pole configuration
  • Wire Range 10 AWG Max.
  • Hinged clear plastic cover w/ marking plate
  • Brass Terminals that allow up to 1/2" wide connectors
  • UL Recognized
  • SB-6TC Shorting Block
  • Rated: 600 volt
  • Current rating: 75 Amp
  • 6 pole configuration
  • 4 shorting screws
  • Wire Range 10 AWG Max.
  • Clear removeable plastic cover
  • Marking Plate
  • Terminals that allow up to 1/2" wide connectors
  • UL Recognized
  • SB-8TC Shorting Block
  • Rated: 600 volt
  • Current rating: 75 Amp
  • 8 pole configuration
  • 5 shorting screws
  • Wire Range 10 AWG Max.
  • Clear removeable plastic cover
  • Marking plate
  • Terminals that allow up to 1/2" wide connectors
  • UL Recognized


We stock three different sizes of CT shorting blocks. We can normally ship the same day on all sizes. in large quantities there may be a few days delay in some sizes.

Please contact us for large quanities as we do provide a discount on larger amounts.CT shorting blocks are a critical requirement for most instrument applications. 

When current transformers are operated with an open circuit, extremely high voltages can be generated which can result in damage to equipment or personnel.

You must be sure to always follow your equipments guide lines and use a SB-4TC , SB-6TC or SB-8TC shorting block when ever you are working with current transformers.

Before removing a load such as a meter or relay, the CT should be short circuited using a shorting block as shown in our connection diagram. 

We have available a connection diagram on a reference page on our site for your convenience.There are many applications that require an easy,

effiective way to conveniently short the CTs this is through the use of a shorting terminal block that can short circuits the instrument transformer when the load is removed. 

Use caution, as much as 4000V on the secondary has been measured on larger core CTs with an open-circuited secondary.?

This is why it is critical to use precaution when working on equipment that has not been properly shorted. We also sell current transformers at our site

We can be your full serivce company for current transformers, split core CT's, potential transformers and shorting blocks.

We will strive to give you the service above and beyond what the industry call for. You can count on your order getting the attention it deserves.

Whether your need is a single shorting block or several units. 


Knowledge and Personal Service

Whether this is your first time purchasing a current transformer or potential transformer, or you just have a specific question, the staff is glad to assist you.

If the question is about a transformer connection or a special requirement, even if it does not end in a sale, we want you to contact us.

We know by building customer relations, when the time comes we will have you as a customer. SouthernTransformer is in business to be your supplier for current and potential transformers.

Whether it is a specialty current transformer or standard design, we can supply what you need. Some units are in stock ready to go and others are available on a short lead time.

We stock Shorting Blocks in 4, 6 and 8 point configuration.

Designs that have stood the test of time.

The designs are made with the addition of our computer aided design program, this can assure you of the best possible designed product you can buy on the market today.

We still believe copper is the best material to use on our transformers and have standardized in its use.

Southern Transformer can provide transformers Worldwide

Whether the application is in North Carolina, Oversea's or in Central America, we can be there for you.

Through many years in the industry the staff at Southern Transformers has equipment in the Philippines, Iraq, Russia, Guatemala, Costa Rico, Mexico, Puerto Rico,

Bahamas', Peru, Canada and most important, the United States.



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